Two lines of recursive code added to an urban creation program.

Replicator Wind

Real-time Raytraced Interactivity enhance by moving architecture sped up with expressive rhyyms of space. Watch investigations of future challagnges of urban agendas.

Space Barn 2 - video still picture

Video of "Space Barn " floats through many orbits - shown at WTC Oculus 2022- exploiting infrastructures and possibilities for inhabitants as it becomes likely that this planet needs ecological change.

In and Out House

Klein Bottle House - has become a global magitude with many motivations.

"Space Barn "
2022 original video
3d anime

Space travel needs Open Moving Time: thus, Space Barn was invented.

Contrapted Suburbia

Three dimensional distortion as our Western thoughts manuever through moving distortion and struggles of restoration.

" Metal Echo House " curvilinear radar dwellings will have new assembly of materials and sense of "Unrootedness".

"BUY ART " Montage
3d anime - collaboration with visual artist - Nina Kuo

MY Theory of having a People's Storage and history: "We want our Museum" and buy our own Art.

Stainless Echo Cave
3d digital drawn anime

I created a remote land, a reflective abode reclines like a metallic iceberg, The bulk of this curvilinear mass lies into the surface. It is from the "Living Machine" series that was curated by Dawoud Bey in 1990.

This arachnid-inspired architectural form invites visitors to come into its woven Net. A tranquil aura lures unsuspecting audiences deeper into its curvilinear depths.


This labrynth structure is evolving and unconscionably monumental. Its molecular aesthetic and perfect cacophony of angles make it the ideal animated expression of angst. A manifestation of what might have avoided the Pruitt-Igoe disaster. (Art direction by Nina Kuo) Shown at Ideas City, New Museum 2015 curated by Joseph Grima and Corine Erni.

Terraced Structure

Motel for a "cascading noir "Typography.

Metallic Solar Shields

Overlapping shingle shapes that snap into a linear form are part of a Digital dreamscape.

Archi-House - Ribbon Flaps

Algorithmic Architecture with real-time previews created this illusionary Built Form.

Undulation Habitat
3d animation built House forms

Piezo wands create electricity with wind power. Alluding to the organic forms of Art Nouveau, this multilevel building blurs the boundaries between stories. Its interiors accept ample natural light and its overall design accepts multiple functions.

Jade Robots
Digital Print

Roaming Jade Robots generate energy from plant forms and floating robotic structures.( art design/ direction - Nina Kuo)

Pink Green Mood Dog
CGI 3d anime

The beatnik Animal looks for space with POP pink explosions.

Buy Art
3-d Digital Still

Video detail of data base figure performing. Tai chi dance movements and swaying pop elements (art direction N. Kuo)

Quad series Figure -


The black-and-white face with multi-personality is dotted and moving in a short video vignette of 4 rendering styles that replicate 4 various timed artists.