These expressionistic exotic patterns taken from many futuristic cultures are like the Fast-pace beat of drawing lines.  They are juxtaposed to present many forms of fashion and can be interpreted as stretching deep into visual dimensions of how simple constructed forms reveal a fantasized choreography of patterns and moving rhythms. 
At times collaborates with many artists :  NinaKuo, Stelarc, etc.
Performs with : Larry Litt, H. Canonge,R. Hayman

Lorin Roser's sound and animation projects highlight the experimental and creative work done in New Media in NY. His architectonic sense of structure, space, duration and design generate artworks that are curious, optically intriguing and acoustically mesmeric. There is a hybridity of the actual and virtual and an intrigue with being immersed in the artificial. Digital media is Lorin’s vocabulary. Algorithms generate his musical compositions. His innovation and use of contemporary media put him on the forefront of artistic practice.  Stelarc