2 lines of recursive code added to an urban creation program

Replicator Wind

Real-time Raytraced Interactivity

Space Barn 2

As it becomes more likely that we need to leave this planet

In and Out House

Klein Bottle House

Space Barn

Space travel needs food, thus Space Barn

Contrapted Suburbia

Three dimensional distortion as America goes through growing pains.

To confuse enemy radar dwellings will be curvilinear

Lamella Montage
3d anime - collaboration with NinaKuo

We want a museum

Stainless Cave
3d digital drawn anime
In a remote pastoral land, a reflective abode reclines on a gentle slope. Like an metallic iceberg, it appears that the bulk of this curvilinear mass lies into the surface. it is from the living machine series.
This arachnid-inspired piece of architecture invites visitors to come into its lair. A tranquil aura lures unsuspecting patrons deeper into its curvilinear depths.

This labrynth of a structure is evolving and unconscionably monumental. Its molecular aesthetic and perfect cacophony of angles make it the ideal animated expression of angst. A manifestation of what might have avoided the Pruitt-Igoe disaster. (art direction Nina Kuo)

Terraced Structure

A motel for a sci-fi noir

Metallic Shields
Overlapping shingle shapes snap into a linear form.
Ribbon House

Algorithmic Architecture with real-time previews

3d animation House forms

Piezo wands create electricity with wind power. Alluding to the organic forms of Art Nouveau, this multilevel building blurs the boundaries between stories. Its interiors accept ample natural light and its overall design accepts multiple functions.

Jade Robots
Digital Print

Roaming Jade Robots generate energy from plant forms and floating plant structures.(art design -Nina Kuo)

Pink Green Mood
The dog is a beat up beatnik looking for its own space with a pink eye wink.
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Digital Still
Video detail of data base figure performing.dance movements and swaying pop elements (art direction Nina Kuo)
Part of a Quad series Figure

The black-and-white face can be a multi-personality lady who is made of dots and moving facial parts.The 4 rendering styles replicate 4 famous artists.